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Poker essays, poker articles, poker strategy

Poker Essays

This section will house essays on the theory and strategy of poker, especially Holdem, plus other gambling related areas that might be of interest to poker players.

Please note that the opinions of guest contributors are not necessarily endorsed by The Holdem Lounge management.

Poker Essays

Reading tells versus reading the play
By Guy West

Game selection in high stakes no limit Holdem
By Eric Nevlys

The Squeeze Play in no limit Texas Holdem
By Tarum Nahas

No Limit Holdem Cash Games - All about the All-In
By Martin Fromage

Bluffing in Limit Texas Holdem Poker
By Martin Fromage

New Player Dos and Don'ts: Avoiding Emotional Play
By Martin Fromage

Handling Losing Streaks
By Martin Fromage

Why should you get a free Poker Calculator?

Heads Up Strategy

Introduction to Implied Odds

Why is changing gears in Poker useful?
By Dean Karl

Hanging on to your poker chips: What to do when you've won
By Fabian Marquez

Learn how to adapt to other poker players
By David di Cristo

Online Poker
By John Stokes

What is the Fastest Way to Improve at Poker?
By Barrie Smith

Sun Tzu's Art of War
By Bud Kelly

The Combinatorial Function
By Bud Kelly

Playing Blackjack with Stu Ungar
By Fredrik Thomson

Top 3 Tournament Poker Strategy Tips
By Jack Rose

Texas Holdem Gambling Tips 2019
By Tony Samboras

The Rise of Joe Hachem
By Archie Ward

Gambling Essays

Casino Listings provide great information for Free Casino Games
By Joshua Chan

Gambling Laws and How they affect Land Based Casinos
By Steve Johnson

What Casino Games offer the Best Odds?
By Alessandra Giovarruscio

Understanding a Winning Slots Strategy
By Mordred McCulloch

The Most Amazing Casino Wins of All Time
By Gina Hutchings

3 Reasons Why Playing at 'Big Name' Casinos is Better
By Barrie Smith

Brennan and Bulldogs likely to appeal suspension on Grand Final eve
By Deane Cummings

Rosehill Racecourse takes centre stage March 14th
By Deane Cummings

Play your way in online casinos
By Anna Taylor

The difference between Flash and Viper Casinos
By Anna Taylor

Why consoles are popular
By Anna Taylor

Why does online gameplay stutter?
By Anna Taylor

Guess the casino game from the movie
By Jimmy Hartill

Cards, Table or Slots - which needs the most luck?
By Barrie Smith

Online slots machine: what is happening behind the scenes?
By Emma

The best and worst casino game odds you need to know
By Steve Johnson

The best online casinos in Canada are findable at
By Charlotte Fitzgerald



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