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Understanding a Winning Slots Strategy

From Mordred McCulloch
April 2016


Online slots are booming in popularity and they are easily one of the most popular casino games for punters online.

Most people play online slots purely for entertainment purposes just to try and win some extra money. Then you've got the more serious punters who are doing it to make a living and this is on a whole other level.

Many people don't ever win much from slots and it's down to just one simple thing - they don't have a clear strategy. While slots can be harder to win than many other types of gambling, you still need to have a strategy.

1. Start by building up your bankroll

The first thing to do is build up your bankroll. This is a long and tedious process but what once you've built up a bit of bankroll, you'll be in a position where you can take more risks.

2. Pick your favourite game

The facts are that you're not going to be the best at every slot game you play so you need to pick the slots that are your favourite. This is because it'll give you more motivation to play the game and play it well. Gradually, your skills and expertise in that game will improve and you'll become a master at it.

3. Understand a game's mechanics

Give yourself time to become familiar with a game's mechanics. Familiarise yourself with what reels they have, bonuses, and different kinds of wins available. Eventually, you'll internalise this and it will help you perform better in each game.

4. Start off with the basics

Don't jump full steam ahead into the most advanced slot games. Always start with the basic games first so you can learn the ropes of slot games. Once your skills improve, you can start moving to the more advanced games.

5. Expect to lose

Rather than go into any slot game with an unrealistic expectation, it's important that you be realistic about what's going to happen. You are going to lose more than you win and that's just a fact. It's better to expect this and be prepared for it so you know what your limits are. Eventually, you will get a win but it's important to be prepared.

6. Know when to stop

A problem that can hit many slot players is they don't know when to stop. You need to know your limit and know when it's enough. Don't just keep playing hoping that you're going to win when you're on an endless losing streak.

7. Be smart with your winnings

When you strike a win, you need to be smart rather than reckless. Most people are reckless and throw their winnings into more games. Instead, you'll be smart and save 50% for your own bank and use the other 50% to build up your bankroll. This is the smart and best long-term strategy for consistently winning and enjoying slots.


Playing slots online is a convenient and easy way to gamble but you can't play without a clear strategy and guideline. The tips above should serve as a strategy you use for playing slots online and it will increase your chances of winning.



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