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Heads Up strategy


Many players find the idea of heads-up, no-limit Texas Hold'em online to be somewhat intimidating. There are, however, some tricks you can add to your online poker strategy to give yourself an edge against even the toughest heads-up opponent.

Be Aggressive
Passive play has no place in a heads up poker. That doesn't mean you have to call every raise or raise every pot, but you should definitely be looking to play as many hands as you can, and you can't let raises scare you off even if you don't have a premium holding. Additionally, since most flops will miss both players, the player who aggressively pursues the pot is most likely to win it.
Sizing your bets properly will of course be very important.

Use Position
Even in a heads up situation, position matters. Keep in mind that unlike in a full ring game of no limit Texas Hold'em, in heads up poker, the small blind is on the button, meaning he or she is first to act before the flop, and last to act after. Just as in a full game, acting second is a big advantage, as you have more information than your opponent. For this reason, you should be more willing to flat call from the small blind. It's okay to raise here too, as you will have a positional advantage in a larger pot, but if you are in the big blind with a marginally strong hand (remember marginal hands go up in value in short handed situations), you should be more inclined to raise and try to end the hand right away, or at least take control of the hand before the flop.

If All Else Fails… Move In
If you and your opponent are evenly matched and you have more poker chips or not too many fewer chips, it can be a good strategy to try to chip away at his stack and hope he overplays into your good hands. However, if you are playing someone who is clearly a pro, well timed all-ins can be very effective. He will be looking to outplay you, which he cannot do if all the chips are in the middle before the flop. For this reason, your strong opponent may fold to an all-in with a stronger hand. Even if he calls, most decent hands will not be a big underdog to the opponent's hand. For example, if you move in with KT and your opponent has A9 or 77, or example, you are only a 3-2 or less of an underdog.



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