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Online Poker

By John Stokes

Some few years ago, playing of a game of poker was seen in the hardcore gamblers who braved everything just to be at the poker house. That was when poker could only be found at traditionally created buildings like the casinos and the poker rooms. With such physical structures, a lot of people were unable to visit such places and one reason was for fear of being regarded as a gambler by those who will see him or her enter such a place.

Thanks to the introduction of the internet that has all changed and more people have also joined the band of poker players. People who would have had a very difficult time entering a poker room or a casino now play it without having to look over their shoulders to see who is coming. This has been made possible through the development of very reputable online poker sites. Although there are some online poker sites that are very phony, a visit to genuine online poker sites ushers a player to a whole new world of endless gambling opportunities.

Previously, before a person could enter a traditional poker room he or she had to be very bold and a professional in poker games which meant that a lot of poker lovers were left at home unable to share in the excitement. However, the developing of online poker sites have enabled even rookies to play these poker games right from the comfort of their homes without having to worry about anyone tagging them as a hardcore gambler.

Online poker has also provided players with a lot of advantages which can never be found in a traditional casino centre. People are bound to display fraudulent behaviours when playing a poker game either online or in a traditional casino but with the development of collusion detection programs on an online poker site which makes it very easy to handle fraudulent behaviours. This is not the case with the traditional casino centres.

Although poker has been I existence for a very long time now, it was not until the late 1990's that the first online poker was created. Currently, there two main kinds of online poker namely;

• Free poker online where people can play a variety of poker games using virtual rewards which cannot be physically redeemed.

• Real money online poker where people stand to make the same profits and losses just as if they were in a traditional poker room and rewards here can also be physically redeemed.

Players seeking to first polish their poker skills can therefore make use of any of the various free poker online sites before moving on to the real money online poker. This in a way helps ensure that such novices are not found wanting when the time comes for them to play poker for real online.

Aside from the merits of online poker to individual players, it has also been regarded as a major source of income generation and studies conducted Christiansen Capital Advisors indicated that online poker finances were able to grow from $82.7 million to $2.4 billion from 2001 to 2005.



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