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Poker bad beats

Bad Beats!

'Right now I only play online poker. If I ever play live poker, raise pre-flop with a good hand, get called by someone with a 5 2 who hits a straight, I am walking over to that person to knock out his teeth. Congratulations you idiot.'

Don't get mad, get published! Send us your bad beat stories and we'll put them up here. Promise not to laugh... much.



Here's one to kick it off, guys.

Second hand of a $50,000 guaranteed tournament I get dealt Ac Ad. Big blind is $20. I'm second under the gun and raise $100, hoping for a re-raise. Very next player raises $200 and everyone else folds. I can't wait to get all my chips in the middle! He calls my all in. Beautiful.

His cards get turned up and reveal 2c 2s! He's reraised in early position with 2 2 and then called me all in. I figure him for having something on the stove or a hot date waiting for him.

The cards fall fast and I'm just watching for those ugly twos. Flop comes Js Ah 7s. No twos and I've made trips! Turn comes Qs. I turn to my mate who is playing on the next computer and gloat, "I just doubled up on the second hand!"

A millisecond later I turn back to the screen and I'm out in last place!! I'm gobsmacked. I run the history back and the river has fallen 10s, making jaw is quivering as I write this ...flush! The absolute last thing I was thinking about. What can you say but, "Well Played." !#$*&

Good luck with your site, guys. Enjoyed it. Craig the Kiwi.

Editor's note: Ah yes, the good old drawing four to a flush trick. I've seen it too many times. He was probably always playing for a flush or straight and didn't even notice he had a pair :-) As somebody in our Quotes section says, "I always play two different suited cards, that way I am drawing to two different flushes."

This is not really a "bad beat" but hope you can use it anyway.

I'm on the final table of a new depositors freeroll and play Qc Jc. There's a bit of betting action, then the flop comes 8s 10h 9d. Pat straight. Someone bets and another guy calls, making quite a big pot as the blinds are big by this stage. I go for the all in option, fairly confident I'll get a call with a pot this size, but something is wrong! My bl**dy Telstra Big Pond connection has gone down! I frantically wait to be reconnected but no go, Big Pond is the Big Kaputski.


I see you are both from Melbourne. Me too. Jimmy K.

Editor's note: Very painful. Some players like to have another computer on standby using a different connection, for exactly that reason. It never happens unless you have the nuts of course.



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