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The Most Amazing Casino Wins of All Time

From Gina Hutchings
June 2016


To the average person, betting in casinos typically seems ludicrous and terrifying. However, there are a few individuals who take betting too far; risking their entire livelihood on a chance with only two outcomes - win or lose. Here are some of the most outrageous casino wins from those who have beaten the odds and emerged victorious beyond your imagination.

Ashley Revell

Starting his casino journey down at the pub, Ashley Revell turned to one of his friends and said "wouldn't it be great if we went to Las Vegas and bet everything on one spin"? After weighing up the consequences Revell decided to sell everything he owned including: a Rolex watch, a BMW and some golf clubs. After his selling spree, he took the plunge and transferred £76,840 from the UK to the Plaza Casino and Hotel; which he was greeted with in chip form upon his arrival.

He deliberated on his bet considerably but eventually placed his entire fortune on Red - the ball landing on 7 Red. Revell's winnings amounted to an impressive £76,840, but more importantly he doubled his net worth in one spin!

Cynthia Jay Brennan

Back in 2000, cocktail waitress Cynthia Jay Brennan travelled to Las Vegas for her future mother-in-law's birthday celebration. Deciding to take a gamble, Brennan pulled the handle on a Mega-Bucks slot machine and won an astonishing £23.9 million; allowing her and her future husband to marry in style and plan to travel the world.

Sadly, tragedy struck merely a few weeks later when Brennan and her sister were hit by a drunk driver at a red light - an accident that killed Brennan's sister Lela Jay and shattered her own spine. Today, Brennan is completely paralysed from the upper chest down. She and her husband both claim they would give all the money back in a heartbeat if it meant they could return to the life they had before…

Joseph Jagger

Referred to as the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo, Joseph Jagger - a former employee of the cotton mechanics industry, took himself to Beaux-Arts casino, where he paid six clerks to secretly note the results of multiple roulette wheel spins. He discovered that one of the wheels showed a clear bias, which resulted in the numbers 7, 8, 9, 17, 18, 19, 22, 28 and 29 appearing more frequently than expected, considering the random nature of a wheel.

Having gathered his information, Jagger placed his bets accordingly and won a collective total of £260,000 - winnings that enabled Jagger to retire from his cotton mechanics job and invest the money into his own property.

Thankfully Jagger never returned to the casino; here's hoping he steers clear of online casino gaming.

Don Johnson

In 2011, corporate executive and Heritage Development founder Don Johnson took advantage of the heightened casino discounts caused by the economic recession and negotiate several changes to the standard blackjack terms including: forcing dealers to stay on soft 17, a 20% rebate, where the casino would refund 20% of his losses (20 cents to every dollar) for losses exceeding $500,000 (approximately £340,000), and six decks.

Jonhson's overall winnings neared £10.3 million - profits that drastically damaged casino profits and resulted in him being banned from Caesars.

Charles Wells

It seems risky casino gambling was popular during the 19th century, for in 1891 Charles Wells won a million francs in a single night at the Monte Carlo Casino. Mr. Wells returned later that year and profited an additional million francs.

Unfortunately Wells' luck came to an end due to continued gambling, after which he was arrested for running business cams and sentenced to eight years imprisonment. Wells died in 1922.

Johanna Huendl

On 27th March 2002, 74 year old Johanna Huendl's morning started out very ordinarily, with a trip to eat breakfast, when she took a detour to play a Megabucks slot machine. After investing approximately $170.00 (£116.00), Johanna managed to win $22.6 million (£15.4 million) - a number she initially misread as $2 million, although Johanna claims she would've been happy with that.

The Anonymous Man

Deciding to remain anonymous, a 25 year old male from Los Angeles won $39 million (£26 million) at Excalibur with the original intention of passing time whilst waiting for a basketball game.

Despite his enormous pay out, he remained sensible and opted for yearly payments of $14 million for the next 25 years.



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