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Tips to succeed at Heads-up No-Limit Holdem

From Nicky Mirando.
April 2018

Considered one of the most challenging variants of poker, heads-up no-limit hold'em requires a completely different skill set compared to short-handed or full ring hold'em.

Although you can easily play poker at various reputed online platforms, and even make use of the best free betting offers available through portals like Betfreebets, you cannot consistently win at this game unless you follow some well thought out strategies.

Let's acquaint you with some tips that can help you emerge victorious at heads-up NL hold'em.

Always play aggressively

In heads-up, it's the most aggressive player who usually always wins in the end. You must constantly maintain pressure on your opponent's and put them to test. Hence, you must be prepared to raise most of your buttons, and be aggressive in a wide range of hands. For instance, you must raise any time you receive any pair, an ace or a face card. You'd almost always win unless you're up against AI. Talking about AI, do you know AI-based poker computer has managed to beat some of the best poker players in the world!

Pay heed to the 'Any Ace' concept

People must have told you that you must always raise with any ace while playing heads-up NL hold'em. Why this is so is because majority of heads-up battles are between two random cards. With an ace, you'd at least have 52% chance of winning against any random hand, no matter what your second card may be.

While in a standard poker tournament or a full ring game this might be considered a disastrous long-term strategy, in heads-up you can use it as a winning strategy, almost each and every time. Here are some more poker theories and strategies.

Make the most of your position When you're the small blind (in position), it's very important that you put lots of pressure on your opponent. As also emphasised earlier, you must raise majority of the times. It would allow you to score more pots in the pre-flop stage, and even control them after the flop.

But please keep in mind that other players might also use the same strategy, raising you whenever they are in position. You shouldn't let them push you around, and must pick your spots accordingly. Hence, you might want to place a three bet whenever you get an ace or face card. Taking the game to your opponents can have long-term benefits in this poker variant, as whenever you get a nice hand out of position, they might not give you credit for it, and commit a mistake. Play like this and who knows you might become a millionaire like this 10 a game player.

Change gears or be prepared to lose

Last but not the least, you must mix-up your gameplay so as to never allow your opponents to predict your moves. Considering the inherent nature of heads-up, your opponents might think that you're betting on to them on every turn, after they check the flop. If you continue employing the same strategy all through the match, they might opt to alter their game plan.

Hence, you must keep mixing your plays, and keep them guessing. The idea is to make them guess wrong at the right time, and win big.



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