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Inside the mind of a poker player

From Tom W.
October 2017

Poker is one of those games that's a perfect mark of skill, whether you like playing with your friends, playing in tournaments or just whiling away the hours in casinos online, poker is a brilliant choice if you want something that relies on your ability to read opponents more than just blind luck.

But, as it is a game of skill, how do you tell the amateur players apart from the pros? What separates the two?

Well, the short answer, is it's in how observant you are. The most important thing in poker is being able to read your opponent without being read yourself, which is why it's important you have tight control on your emotions and what you let your opponent see. And, of course, that goes both ways- if you can find a tell your rivals have, then you'll have a much better chance of catching them out and predicting how they're going to play.

Of course, no matter how good your grip on your emotions, the one thing you won't be able to hide is a bluff if you get called out on it. But how you bet is another way that can be read, if your opponent suddenly stops checking and starts raising when a king comes out, then it's not too hard to imagine what they might have. Whether or not this is a bluff is going to be up to how they've played so far and it's up to you to work out.

This animation below can explain how the thought process works.





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