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Artificial intelligence is going to change the world of poker

By Tony Samboras
May 2018

There are been huge leaps forward in Artificial Intelligence over the last few years. Now AI computers are able to compete and beat professional poker players at their own game. It has improved so much that the latest betting offers have all cut the odds on artificial intelligence winning a human poker tournament. It will not be long before AI overtakes human competitors which will have a profound impact on the game. In this article, I will talk about the recent developments along with the wider social impact that technology will present.

Artificial intelligence poker machines are improving at breakneck speed and in a recent poker tournament held, the AI named Libratus beat four of the top players in the world. The tournament took place over 20 days and Libratus won $1.7 million in fake chips beating a quarter of the pros taking part.

The rise of AI is growing exponentially and investment over the last couple of years has increased by over three hundred percent. It is expected that by 2020 AI, the internet of things and big data will take 1.2 trillion from businesses that do not implement this technology. It will reap huge fundamental disruption and the poker world will not escape from its clutches.

The AI computer revolution started back in 1997 when the Deep Blue AI beat the worlds greatest ever chess player Garry Kasparov. It has taken nearly 20 years to take things to the next level which Google's AI system DeepMind beat the world best human player at GO which is one of the most complex games. It was able to learn from itself to create a winning strategy.

Computers have many advantages over humans such as endurance, access to data and speed. It was an incredible achievement to create AI that can beat players at GO but poker offers a much more difficult task. The computer system will not see the pieces along with the board to be able to play an open hand.

The Libratus poker AI works by playing thousands of hands against itself. It uses self-education learning via trial and error. This form of learning is not possible with humans as they are unable to play games against themselves without knowing what both hands are planning to play.

The Next Step In AI Poker

There is still a long way to go before AI poker can consistently beat the worlds best players. It will require senses to monitor players pupil dilations, sweat, mannerisms along with measuring stress signs to make the correct decisions.

There have been many great minds that have warned us about the risks of AI including the great late Stephen Hawking. What is certain is that it is going to play a pivotal role in the near future and there are many dangers if it is not used for ethical purposes. What makes poker unique is the ability to bluff, which is a component that will be one of the most difficult for AI to learn. The day that it is able to manipulate humans could be a very dark time if a safeguard is not put in place.



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