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What is The Holdem Lounge?

By Julian Beck
April 2016

Looking for the latest news from the world of poker? The best poker sites on the web? You've arrived at The Holdem Lounge, a Melbourne-based portal that offers reviews, news and industry insights in one place. The Holdem Lounge, which is part of the OZmium Pty Ltd stable that includes Pro-Punter and Smartgambler, two gambling-related sites in Australia, runs the gamut from poker bonuses, tools, quotes and essays, covering various aspects of poker culture. Here's everything you needed to know about The Holdem Lounge.

Site background and advertising

The Holdem Lounge appears to be edited by Guy West, the Managing Director of OZmium Pty Ltd, who is a keen poker enthusiast. Guy has played in hundreds of no limit Holdem poker tournaments both online and face to face and shares his tips and insights for like-minded individuals.

Companies and casinos that want to attract a poker-loving demographic can advertise in the sidebar on the website.

Usability and features

Navigating The Holdem Lounge is easy; users can access various menus on the left-hand side of the page, which will take them to different sections of the site, such as poker news, essays and quotes, a collection of famous and funny sayings from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Other features include a marketplace, where visitors can trade seats to major poker tournaments.

Bad Beats, another section of the website, includes an offbeat look at the world of poker, while Poker Tools features some of the best software on the market that can revolutionise your game.

Links and bonuses

If you're looking for links to respectable online casinos, you should check out, which includes links to online bonuses that you need to know about. The site says that financial benefits can be had from finding the best sites that offer these deals; users can discover welcome bonuses and sign-up incentives in one place instead of scouring the web to find the best promotions.


Finally, The Holdem Lounge features a poker forum, where poker lovers can converse, start new topics and discuss the industry in a safe place.

Final word

The Holdem Lounge is the go-to resource for lovers of all things of poker, with a wealth of features and insights. Although the site has an Australian focus, the portal covers poker from around the world.



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