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Free Spins

From Lena at
December 2016


As competition in the online gambling community intensifies, casinos are now more than ever, using different ways to attract players. The beauty of this is the stiffer the competition, the more you benefit.

Free spins are just one of the ways casinos attract new players and it's also a means of keeping current players too. There are different types of free spins offered and each comes with its own benefits.

In most cases, casinos only offer free spins to new players as an incentive to register. But in some cases, they also offer them to inactive players to keep them around or get them playing again. Free spins can offer loads of benefits such as the chance to win without betting any of your own money or just the chance to test out a new casino to see if you like it.

Check out these different types of free spins to see which one you can benefit the most from.

Deposit Free Spins

These types of free spins are commonplace. How these free spins work is you receive a set number of spins after making a deposit. The number of spins varies depending on the casino but with the increase in competition, there are many more casinos with lowers deposit requirements and higher free spins.

No Deposit Free Spins

Arguably the best free spins offer, no deposit free spins allow you to play without any money upfront. All you need to do is register. The spins vary depending on the casino and so do the rewards.

However, with so many online casinos already on the web and even more popping up every day, it can be hard to:

A. Know which casino is legit

B. Figure out which ones offer a high number of spins

C. Know which casino offers the best rewards

That's why we made Casino Hawks, to give you a place where you can find and compare the best online casinos and their free spins offers among other great promotions.

No Wagering Free Spins

Another type of free spins are no wagering free spins. Back in the day, it was ordinary for you to have to wager your winnings before you could withdraw what you won from free spins. Now, with increased competition and the need for new players, many casinos are offering no wagering free spins.

You're able to win cash your winnings from free spins instead of betting with them. It's actually a great way to earn a little extra cash and give an online casino a test run.

Wagering Free Spins

This type of free spins is the opposite of the no wagering free spins. Whatever you win from wagering free spins, you have to wager according to the casino's terms and conditions before you can make any withdrawal. For example, if you won 30 and the wagering requirements were 15x then you'd have to play at least 15 times more before you could make any withdrawal. That's 450 you're playing with before you can withdraw any of your winnings.

As we said before, free spins are a great way to either test out a casino or play without betting any of your own money. Check out to see which online casinos offer the best free spins and other great casino promotions.


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