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Could you be a professional card player?

From Riku Rastela
November 2016


Some games are purely based on luck, but some, like Blackjack or Texas Hold 'em are based also on the skills of the player. Some people are skilful enough to make their living from card playing. However, being a professional doesn't come easy. It takes a lot of studying, a lot of will to learn, a lot of patience and right kind of character if you want to make card playing a career.

It sounds like easy money, but it really isn't. 99 times of 100 it's a lot better option to just keep playing as a hobby so you don't need to worry about making any profit out of it. However, if you are determined that you want to try to make it, there are a few things you should take into consideration.

It's rare to earn living just from playing

Many professional players are in fact just semi-professionals. Most of the players have some other sources of income. They are playing it safe in a way, but really, it's very reasonable thing to do. Winnings are always fluctuating because no matter how good you are luck will always play a role when card playing is in question.

So, if you really want to make a career for yourself in the casino world, it's a lot better to have steady payroll from somewhere else alongside playing, when you have just started to build your way to the stars. If your career starts to skyrocket then it's safe to focus only on playing, but before that cautiousness is a virtue.

Studying playing strategies is time consuming

You are not likely to succeed if you are just going with the flow with cards. Learning about card strategies is very important and requires lots of time. Different players have different strategies, but before you can develop your own unique playing style you must learn the basics. One of the most strategies players comes from Finland and training with them even on the free tables is really good practise. CasinoExpertti lists the best casinos where you can join to play with Finns, check it out.

So, read books about playing, watch what top players are doing and learn how to count cards! Counting cards is an efficient way to improve your winning rate. Mainstream movies have made it look like a child's play, but it isn't so easy that you could have thought. It takes quite some time for most of us to really get grasp of proper card counting. It's better to be prepared that it will take years to master playing strategies so well that you can start a career as a professional.

The right kind of character is important

It isn't enough that you are a skilled player. You really need to have right kind of qualities to succeed. First of all, you need to accept variance. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Even the best players are sometimes losing big amounts of money. However, it's part of the game. It doesn't matter how much you will lose or win in a day, it matters whether you are making a profit in a long run. If you can't accept these swings, you can't be a professional player.

You need to have discipline and you must be able to handle the pressure. Card playing is not for a faint hearted so you must be able to maintain a level-head even when things are not going your way. So, you have to remain calm and logical at all times or you won't be a very great player.

Bankroll management is everything

It's always very important to play within your limits. If you are a professional, you should keep playing stash separate from your personal money. Bankroll for playing is your working tool, but you also must have some money for living! So keep these two apart from each other.

You also should be realistic how high stakes work for you. Don't try to attain too much too quickly. All good things take time, so don't risk too much when you are still a beginner. Of course, it would be nice to become rich overnight but success is usually product of long and hard tedious work. Shortcuts don't work that well if you want to make your way to the top.

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