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GWeb Casino Review Sites - Can They Be Trusted?

By Lisa Gambit
February 2016

There was a time in years gone by when to find reviews about online casinos was to generally find reviews you can trust. The reason being that exactly as reviews should be, most of the feedback to be found was written and submitted by real gamers with real opinions, thus representing the real inside scoop.

These days however, these really couldn't be more different. As may have become painfully obvious to so many, the overwhelming majority of casino review sites currently up and running are about as objective as…well, they simply aren't objective in the slightest. Some exist for the sole purpose of earning money by publishing false reviews, while others open themselves up to so-called 'independent' reviews which are actually published by the casinos themselves.

Suffice to say therefore, actually gaining any accurate insights into any given casino before going ahead and gaming with it has the potential to be tricky. You can't trust the marketing pitch of the casino and nor can you trust so many of the web casino review sites up and running…so who can you trust?

Striking a Balance

Well, the simple answer is that there are in fact plenty of review sites up and running which can be trusted - it's simply a case of being selective with regard to which ones you use. In the simplest of terms, what you should be looking for is a review site where the reviews and recommendations represent a collaborative effort between real experts and real gamers - neither of whom is afraid to tell the truth. So while there will always be plenty of shiny-happy reviews singing the praises of certain sites, others will be torn to pieces…and quite rightly so!

One example of such a site is Casino Papa, which has only been up and running for a short time now but is already earning a reputation for brutal honesty. And this is exactly what you need to be looking for when it comes to online casino reviews - total honesty and a lack of the kind of one-sidedness which just smacks of ulterior motives.

Trust Your Judgment

The thing is though, if you're willing to exercise a little proactivity and common sense, the very best thing to rely on when it comes to selecting an online casino is your own judgment.

• First of all, if they are offering a deal that appears too good to be true, it most probably is - so don't fall for it!

• In any instance where a casino will not allow you to fully evaluate what's on offer without first depositing money, chances are there's a reason for this…and not one you want to be a part of.

• If your gut instinct tells you at any time that there is anything whatsoever wrong with the online casino you are trying out, walk away.

• If the general consensus among reviewers seems to tell you that any given site really is borderline dangerous to have any kind of involvement with, chances are this is information you should be paying attention to.

Falling foul of dodgy deals may have never been easier, but at the same time making sure you avoid them at all costs isn't exactly rocket science.



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